Baden-Baden, the enchanting city in the heart of Europe, has always played a special role in history as a spa town. But 2022 marked a historic milestone for this picturesque town: Baden-Baden was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as part of the "Great Spa Towns of Europe". This title not only recognizes Baden-Baden's long tradition as a spa town, but also the importance it achieved in the 18th to 20th centuries.

Baden-Baden's history as a spa town dates back to Roman times. Even back then, people recognized the healing effects of the local thermal springs. The Romans built the first thermal baths here, laying the foundations for the later heyday. This tradition continued over the centuries and attracted visitors from all over the world. The healing springs of Baden-Baden became famous for their beneficial effects on health and their unique, relaxing ambience.

An outstanding example of this tradition is the Friedrichsbad, one of the 15 attributes that have contributed to Baden-Baden being awarded the prestigious title of "most important spa town in Europe" as a World Heritage Site. Built in the late 19th century, the Friedrichsbad is an architectural masterpiece that reflects the classical elegance and luxury of the era. It is a place of relaxation and regeneration where guests can enjoy the soothing thermal baths while immersing themselves in history.

The inclusion of Baden-Baden in the list of "Great Spa Towns of Europe" by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee on July 24, 2021 was a proud moment for the city and its residents. It underlines the cultural and historical significance of this place, which has offered people peace, relaxation and healing for centuries.