The Caracalla Spa has always been synonymous with pure relaxation and wellness. By creating an additional area of over 1,000 square meters, a further step has been taken to offer guests an exceptional experience. The spacious sunbathing lawn is now a paradise of tranquillity that invites you to linger and enjoy.

Sustainable decking boards for ecological responsibility

The highlight of the outdoor area is undoubtedly the patio deck, which is made of bamboo wood. The bamboo wood comes from huge plantations in Asia that are certified according to European eco-standards. Unlike conventional wood, bamboo grows back after harvesting, thus ensuring environmentally friendly and sustainable use of resources. With this innovative approach, Caracalla Spa demonstrates its commitment to environmental protection and contributes to the preservation of our valuable forests.

Unique combination of natural surroundings and luxurious comfort

The outdoor area of the Caracalla Spa offers a variety of sun loungers on which visitors can relax in comfort. The 5-way adjustable backrest and the pleasant textile fabric of the cover ensure an optimal lying sensation and invite you to linger. The cuddly shell-shaped daybeds are ideal for romantic moments of togetherness, offering space for two and a fantastic view of the turquoise thermal waters - a real treat for the senses!

Natural treasures and a sense of home

The outdoor area not only reflects the luxurious ambience, but also the rich geological history of the region. In addition to the unique marble that characterizes the spa, the impressive porphyry rock, which is of volcanic origin, can also be found here. This rock gives the outdoor area a vibrant variety of colors and is a reminder of the area's volcanic past. As a thermal spa fed by artesian thermal water, the Caracalla Spa makes a conscious reference to its geological origins.

Mediterranean flair for a unique atmosphere

The outdoor area at Caracalla Spa is adorned with Mediterranean plants such as evergreen magnolia, Mediterranean cypress, campanula and Mediterranean snowball. This selection of plants creates a connection to the natural environment and gives the outdoor area a Mediterranean flair. The choice of these plant species is inspired by the exotic plants that can be found on the terraces of the Florentine Hill near the thermal water spring. This gives the outdoor area a special atmosphere and creates a unique connection between nature and relaxation.

The Caracalla Spa invites you to discover the newly designed outdoor area and enjoy an unforgettable break full of relaxation and closeness to nature. Immerse yourself in an oasis of relaxation and be surprised by the variety of possibilities.